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Magnet Update

February 10, 2011

I just wanted everyone who is waiting on magnets to know how progress is going.

David L. I’ve finished yours and mailed it out to you!

Michael B. I’ve completed one whole magnet and one outline. I hope to finish and mail all 3 out by Monday!

Chris H. I am planning on starting yours this weekend and finishing and mailing them by next Friday!

Thanks for being so patient guys!

On another note, I need to make an announcement. A lot of people have been requesting to make trades for magnets. Initially I was okay with this idea, but now that I’ve been asked to make so many at once, this just isn’t a possibility anymore. I know that I’ve made the offer on my trades page, but none of those people got back to me so I haven’t made a single trade for a magnet. And I’m going to keep it that way for at least a very long while. It’s too much work for a few cards here and there. Keep in mind that to make a magnet at regular size and working mostly non-stop it takes me at least 4 hours. Sorry guys, but it would just take up so much of my time. But if you ever want to order a magnet I’ll add you to my list.

One more thing, I’m going to make a limit of 2 magnets per order for a while. I have no problem making tons for you guys, but when I have other people waiting for them, too, it makes it difficult to get them finished in a reasonable amount of time. If I’m ever having a slow period, however, and you want more than 2, feel free to ask and I just may be able to do it for you! And remember, I’ll be holding raffles every once in a while on my youtube page and you can win magnets there too! Thanks so much for all the support everyone! Make sure to subscribe to my blog if you want to keep updated about new magnets and news!


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