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Need Some Bling

August 20, 2013

So apparently, it’s been over 2 YEARS since I’ve posted anything for this blog. I can’t say that this means that will change, but for now I will list my wants here. For starters, I need some bling for some decks!

1 Shiny Exeggcute 102/101 Plasma Blast

4 Rare Candy 105/101 Plasma Blast

2 FA Juniper 116/116 Plasma Freeze

3 Ultra Ball 122/116 Plasma Freeze

1 Max Potion 121/116 Plasma Freeze

1 Shiny Blastoise 137/135 Plasma Storm

2 FA Colress 135/135 Plasma Storm

3 FA Keldeo EX 142/149 Boundaries Crossed

4 FA Skyla 149/149 Boundaries Crossed

4 FA N 101/101 Noble Victories

2 Pokemon Catcher 111/108 Dark Explorers

I will also be posting cards I need for many of my sets soon. Leave a comment/send an email if you have any of these cards and are willing to part with them! (Mailing address is in my “Contact” section!)


Booster Box Winner — More YouTube drama

July 14, 2011

Hey everyone. So I know I haven’t posted anything here in a month. Sorry. Super busy! But it looks like now’s the time, and unfortunately, it’s for bad news. YouTube has yet again removed one of my videos. This time, it’s the video announcing the winner of the raffle. The same raffle that got removed in the first place. Clearly I have to take some action to sort all of this out. So until I have things fixed, here is the video announcing the winner!

Thank you all for your support!

1,000 Subscriber Raffle! Enter Here!

June 12, 2011

Hey everyone! If you’ve found this post then you probably saw my video on how to enter my 1,000 subscriber raffle. Here’s the original video!

And here’s how to enter:

1. You must be subscribed to me on YouTube:

2. Leave a comment ON THIS POST with your YouTube USERNAME asking to be entered!

3. If you commented on the original video, feel free to comment here as well to ensure that you are entered!

If you want more information on this whole situation, click here!

Thanks for all of your amazing support guys!


700 Subscriber Contest Entries

May 28, 2011

Hey everyone! My 700 Subscriber Contest is over and the winners have been chosen! Thank you again to everyone who entered!

Here are all of the entries that were submitted!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Thank again for all of the entries! I had a lot of fun with this contest, and I hope you all enjoyed as well!


700+ Subscriber Contest!!

April 29, 2011

Thank you so much for the 700+ subscribers! You all rock!

How to enter:
1. You must be subscribed to enter.
2. Create your own pokemon card/drawing/pokemon related craft.
3. Email me your entry at

1st Place
Venasaur Base Set Deck Box w/ 60 sleeves
A sealed Black & White booster pack
Cross-stitched magnet of choice
4 RenaeCollects promo cards

2nd Place
A sealed Black & White pack
Cross-stitched magnet of choice
2 RenaeCollects promo cards

Contest will end Saturday, May 21!!!

Updated Trade List – Black and White, HGSS Black Star Promos

April 27, 2011

Hello everyone!

I’ve taken the time to update my needs on my trade list. I haven’t been looking for much since I finished Call of Legends, but now that Black and White is out I need some help completing that set! I also have decided to try and collect all of the HGSS Black Star Promos. But after going through the ones I have, I realize I will need a lot more help with those, as I only have 7. So here are the ones that I need.

HGSS01 Ho-Oh
HGSS02 Lugia
HGSS03 Pikachu
HGSS04 Wobbuffet
HGSS05 Hoothoot
HGSS06 Noctowl
HGSS07 Feraligatr (Prime)
HGSS08 Meganium (Prime)
HGSS09 Typhlosion (Prime)
HGSS12 Cleffa
HGSS13 Smoochum
HGSS16 Plusle
HGSS17 Minun
HGSS18 Tropical Tidal Wave
HGSS22 Porygon
HGSS23 Porygon2
HGSS24 Hitmonchan
HGSS25 Hitmonlee

Also, I am going to dedicate a ton of time today and tomorrow to update my HAVES list as well. I’m trying hard to stay organized, guys! Sorry if I’m not always on top of trades. I’ll be updating that and a few other things within the next few days, so keep on the look out!


Opening a Victini Box and 2 extra Black & White Packs!

April 25, 2011

Josh and I stopped at Target after a Black & White prerelease and were excited to find that the new set was already in stores! So I picked up this Victini box to kick things off! Plenty more Black & White to come.

I can’t wait to open more!